Dedicated Servers Terms of Service

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By using the Barato Domains services, you acknowledge that you have read our set of legal documents and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions contained herein as well as all acceptable use policies incorporated by reference. Terms and Conditions

These Terms of Service (the 'Agreement') are an agreement between you - the user of our hosting and related services (collectively, the 'Services'), and Barato Domains, in association with Tierra Hosting LLC, a US company headquartered in Tyler, Texas, LiquidNet US LLC, a US company headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and LiquidNet Ltd., a UK company headquartered in London, UK. All billing and hosting services are rendered by LiquidNet US LLC and LiquidNet Ltd. (billing operations will be handled here). Legal details about the two companies can be found in the 'Customer Service Contact Details' section of this document.

For the sake of brevity, Barato Domains, Tierra Hosting LLC, LiquidNet US LLC and LiquidNet Ltd. will be referred to as 'We', 'Us', 'Our' and 'Service Provider' in this document.

When signing up for a Dedicated server hosting account with Barato Domains, the Customer agrees to abide by the rules and provisions explicated in these Dedicated Terms of Service, as well as all their coherent policies (Order Verification Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, etc.) mentioned herein.

The Customer of our Services should also be aware that when signing up for a Dedicated server hosting account with Barato Domains, he/or she agrees to position data on our servers and make it accessible to the wide internet public. In this respect, the Customer understands and agrees that it is beyond the power of Barato Domains to restrict any public access to this data and guarantee the security of the Customer's files. The Customer, therefore, is completely in charge of protecting his/her web content on our Dedicated servers and should consider carefully each piece of information before uploading it to his/her newly allocated Dedicated server space. We highly recommend that Customers avoid publishing online personal data that could be abused.


    Barato Domains shall provide its Services to You - the Customer - under the Terms and Conditions explicated in this Service Agreement. The Agreement is intended to keep the integrity of both Barato Domains and the Customer and to protect both parties from liability. This Service Agreement will be enforced to ensure the speed, power, performance, and reliability of our Services.

    The Service Agreement, together with the Order Form, the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), and any other policies or agreements mentioned in this document, constitute the whole act of convention between Barato Domains and the Customer.


    Each customer of Barato Domains will be able to take advantage of the package he/she has purchased at the introductory price levels and with one and the same set of features in the course of the whole contract period. Barato Domains reserves the right to introduce certain changes to the packages (in the form of complementary services) to the benefit of the customers.

    Barato Domains will charge customers fees based on the fee structure of the web hosting system at the time of the sign-up process. Barato Domains reserves the right to introduce price changes to the servers when needed. This means that the current price list at Barato Domains's web store may differ from the pricing of the Customer's server.

    When signing up for an account with Barato Domains, the Customer agrees to pay for the selected period (one month / three months / six months) and abide by the Order Verification Policy. The Sales Department will strictly scrutinize each account order and carefully process each payment in order to ensure that no fraudulent user can take advantage of the web hosting system.

    When a Customer pays for a server via credit card or PayPal, a recurring billing subscription will be created automatically for the selected billing period for his/her convenience, for which He will get a notification from the payment processor. All automatic payments go through exactly 7 days before the due date so as to avoid any downtime to the hosting service if there is a problem with the credit card/PayPal account.

    Barato Domains will send a reminder of the due payment at least 24 hours before the automatic charge takes place.

    The Customer can cancel the subscription at any time from the Control Panel -> My Account -> Recurring, or directly through PayPal - if it's a PayPal account subscription.

    If the standard payment methods are not suitable for the Customer's needs, alternative options such as Revolut or cryptocurrency payments may be provided. Please reach out to the Sales team for further assistance in this regard.

    Non-Payment of the service shall result in a immediate service disconnection. Customers failing to secure payment by the time of the due date will incur service interruption. The data hosted on the Dedicated server will be kept for one month, after that it will be permanently deleted.

    Setup fees and monthly service fees, as well as any recurring payments, or payments made through wire transfer, Revolut, cryptocurrency, or any other on-demand payment method, are not eligible for refund. The Customer acknowledges and agrees to a no-refund policy in advance.



      Barato Domains guarantees 99.9% network uptime and server stability. This, however, does not refer to problems stemming from:

      1. Server Hardware Breakdown;
      2. User error(s) or purposeful interruption(s) of the user service (e.g. if the client shuts his/her own server down, Barato Domains is not responsible for the downtime);
      3. Failure due to software that is not explicitly supported by Barato Domains. If a hardware crash provoked by the Customer consequently happens, Barato Domains is beyond the control and responsibility for the resulting downtime.

      For more information, please refer to our Service Level Guarantees.


      Each Customer will get a default backup space quota of 100 GB, which they can avail of at any given moment.

      Additionally, each Google Drive and/or Dropbox account owner is entitled to another 100 GB of backup space.

      A 50 GB backup storage option is available as part of our Managed Services package as well.



      For newly signed up clients - the Services are activated only after our Sales Department gets in touch with the Customer over the phone to verify the payment details (this is required due to the high fraud activity spreading online, and in order to prevent fraudulent account usage). The payment verification procedure is obligatory and if we fail to approve a transaction within 48 hours of the payment submission, the funds will be credited back to the payer and the order will be canceled.

      For existing customers - the services for existing Customers, including upgrade services and renewals, are activated immediately after our Sales Department receives the according service payment.


      Dedicated Server Accounts - The newly-created Dedicated server hosting accounts with Barato Domains are valid for 1 month. They can be renewed on a monthly basis, i.e. for another month that will be added to the official expiration date of the Dedicated server account.

      Domain Name Registrations/Transfers - Barato Domains offers for registration/transfer all TLDs (Top-Level Domains) displayed in the table below. A domain name can be purchased either at sign up together with the Dedicated server hosting account (at a regular or PROMOTIONAL price) or separately (later on) as an upgrade from the Customer's Dedicated management account. The Customer agrees to abide by Barato Domains's Domain Name Registration Agreement and Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy. The table below displays the minimum and maximum registration periods, as well as the annual NON-PROMOTIONAL prices of all TLDs:

      tldmin/max period of registration @ min period price
      .academy1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .ae1-5 years @ $44.99 per year
      .agency1-10 years @ $25.99 per year
      .asia1-10 years @ $19.99 per year
      .at1 years @ $18.99 per year
      .bargains1-10 years @ $32.99 per year
      .be1 years @ $11.99 per year
      .bike1-10 years @ $32.99 per year
      .biz1-10 years @ $22.49 per year
      .boutique1-10 years @ $30.99 per year
      .broker1-10 years @ $28.99 per year
      .business1-10 years @ $15.99 per year
      .ca1-10 years @ $23.49 per year
      .cafe1-10 years @ $38.49 per year
      .capital1-10 years @ $58.49 per year
      .cc1-10 years @ $25.49 per year
      .center1-10 years @ $24.99 per year
      .ch1 years @ $17.49 per year
      .cheap1-10 years @ $32.99 per year
      .church1-10 years @ $38.49 per year
      .city1-10 years @ $22.99 per year
      .club1-10 years @ $21.99 per year
      .cn1-10 years @ $19.99 per year
      .co1-5 years @ $35.99 per year
      .co.il1 years @ $33.99 per year
      .co.nz1-10 years @ $22.99 per year
      .co.uk1-10 years @ $10.94 per year
      .co.za1 years @ $19.99 per year
      .coach1-10 years @ $53.99 per year
      .codes1-10 years @ $53.99 per year
      .coffee1-10 years @ $32.99 per year
      .com1-10 years @ $16.49 per year
      .com.au1-5 years @ $15.99 per year
      .com.cn1-10 years @ $19.99 per year
      .com.mx1-5 years @ $53.49 per year
      .com.tw1-10 years @ $36.99 per year
      .company1-10 years @ $16.99 per year
      .computer1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .consulting1-10 years @ $40.99 per year
      .cool1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .coupons1-10 years @ $49.49 per year
      .dance1-10 years @ $23.99 per year
      .de1 years @ $16.49 per year
      .deals1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .delivery1-10 years @ $48.49 per year
      .digital1-10 years @ $37.49 per year
      .dk1-3,5 years @ $29.99 per year
      .dog1-10 years @ $52.99 per year
      .education1-10 years @ $29.49 per year
      .email1-10 years @ $26.99 per year
      .engineering1-10 years @ $53.99 per year
      .enterprises1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .es1-5 years @ $13.94 per year
      .estate1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .eu1-10 years @ $11.49 per year
      .events1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .expert1-10 years @ $53.99 per year
      .express1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .family1-10 years @ $32.99 per year
      .farm1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .fi1-5 years @ $19.49 per year
      .fitness1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .forsale1-10 years @ $32.99 per year
      .foundation1-10 years @ $31.99 per year
      .fr1 years @ $14.99 per year
      .fun1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .fyi1-10 years @ $22.49 per year
      .games1-10 years @ $28.49 per year
      .gr2 years @ $30.99 per year
      .group1-10 years @ $20.49 per year
      .guru1-10 years @ $37.49 per year
      .host1-10 years @ $80.99 per year
      .house1-10 years @ $36.49 per year
      .ie1-10 years @ $23.99 per year
      .in1-10 years @ $19.49 per year
      .info1-10 years @ $25.49 per year
      .institute1-10 years @ $23.99 per year
      .international1-10 years @ $28.49 per year
      .irish1-10 years @ $20.49 per year
      .it1 years @ $12.99 per year
      .jp1 years @ $40.99 per year
      .kitchen1-10 years @ $52.99 per year
      .land1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .life1-10 years @ $32.99 per year
      .ltd1-10 years @ $26.99 per year
      .marketing1-10 years @ $38.49 per year
      .me1-10 years @ $23.99 per year
      .me.uk1-10 years @ $10.94 per year
      .media1-10 years @ $38.49 per year
      .mobi1-10 years @ $34.49 per year
      .money1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .mx1-5 years @ $55.99 per year
      .name1-10 years @ $17.99 per year
      .net1-10 years @ $17.99 per year
      .net.au1-5 years @ $14.50 per year
      .net.cn1-10 years @ $19.99 per year
      .net.nz1-10 years @ $22.99 per year
      .network1-10 years @ $29.99 per year
      .news1-10 years @ $29.49 per year
      .ninja1-10 years @ $29.49 per year
      .nl1 years @ $19.99 per year
      .no1 years @ $15.99 per year
      .nu1-10 years @ $23.99 per year
      .online1-10 years @ $35.99 per year
      .org1-10 years @ $16.99 per year
      .org.au1-5 years @ $18.50 per year
      .org.cn1-10 years @ $19.99 per year
      .org.nz1-10 years @ $22.99 per year
      .org.uk1-10 years @ $10.94 per year
      .partners1-10 years @ $58.49 per year
      .parts1-10 years @ $32.99 per year
      .party1-10 years @ $31.99 per year
      .pet1-10 years @ $21.99 per year
      .ph1-2,5,10 years @ $72.99 per year
      .photography1-10 years @ $31.99 per year
      .photos1-10 years @ $24.99 per year
      .pl1-3 years @ $30.99 per year
      .plus1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .press1-10 years @ $63.99 per year
      .pro1-10 years @ $25.49 per year
      .productions1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .properties1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .pt1,3,5 years @ $20.99 per year
      .qa1-5 years @ $27.49 per year
      .recipes1-10 years @ $53.99 per year
      .rentals1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .repair1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .rocks1-10 years @ $19.49 per year
      .run1-10 years @ $24.99 per year
      .sale1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .school1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .se1-10 years @ $23.99 per year
      .services1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .shop1-10 years @ $35.49 per year
      .site1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .social1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .software1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .solutions1-10 years @ $28.49 per year
      .space1-10 years @ $28.49 per year
      .store1-10 years @ $51.99 per year
      .support1-10 years @ $25.99 per year
      .systems1-10 years @ $29.49 per year
      .team1-10 years @ $32.99 per year
      .tech1-10 years @ $51.99 per year
      .technology1-10 years @ $28.49 per year
      .tips1-10 years @ $27.49 per year
      .today1-10 years @ $25.99 per year
      .tools1-10 years @ $30.99 per year
      .top1-10 years @ $17.99 per year
      .training1-10 years @ $32.99 per year
      .tv1-10 years @ $37.99 per year
      .tw1-10 years @ $36.99 per year
      .uk1-10 years @ $10.94 per year
      .us1-10 years @ $11.99 per year
      .website1-10 years @ $28.99 per year
      .wine1-10 years @ $49.49 per year
      .works1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .world1-10 years @ $34.99 per year
      .ws1-10 years @ $31.99 per year
      .xyz1-10 years @ $17.99 per year
      .zone1-10 years @ $34.99 per year

      Domain Renewals - Even though Barato Domains will provide regular reminders about the expiration of the domain name(s) registered through the company, it is your obligation to keep track of when the registration service(s) will expire. Should you fail to renew a domain name before its expiration date, the domain name will be suspended or canceled.

      1. After a domain name’s expiration date, there is a period of 30 days, in which the domain name can be renewed. Certain domain name extensions do not have such a period, so leaving a domain name to expire before attempting a renewal is at your own discretion.
      2. After the 30-day renewal period has passed, some domain names (as per TLD Registry Policies) enter a so-called Redemption Grace Period. A domain name which has entered a Redemption Grace Period can still be renewed. However, additional fees will be added to the domain's renewal price. You can find the official information regarding the Redemption Grace Period on ICANN’s page:
        If a Redemption Grace Period is applicable for a specific domain name, it will last between 30 and 42 days.
      3. After the Redemption Grace Period (or the renewal period – if RGP is not applicable) has passed, domain name(s) can be: provided to third parties; Barato Domains may choose to auction the domain name(s); Barato Domains may return them in the public registration pool. All of these actions can be carried out at any time and without your consent.

      We strongly recommend that Customers renew their domain registrations before their domain names are placed into redemption period. After a domain name transits in redemption period, we are not able to prevent its zone files from being removed from the DNS system, and any web site and associated services will cease working.

      We can assist Customers in retrieving their domain names only if the domain names were registered with us. Customers will be charged a REDEMPTION FEE of $270.00 USD for each domain registration renewal. If the domain name was registered with another registrar, the Customer needs to contact that registrar for more information regarding its retrieving.



      In order to cancel a Dedicated server account, the Customer must send a support ticket to Barato Domains's Sales Department via his/her Dedicated management account and provide any authentication credentials requested by Barato Domains. Any other form of cancellation request will not be accepted.

    2. REFUNDS

      Dedicated server hosting accounts - The Dedicated server accounts are set up on a monthly prepay basis. Customers may cancel their accounts at any time, however they will not be entitled to a refund for the unused period of the prepaid month, since these services do NOT include Money Back Guarantee. Any incentives offered to the Customers upon sign-up will be also canceled.

      Domain Name Registrations/Transfers - Domain name registrations/transfers are also treated as non-refundable services and cannot be canceled or refunded after activated upon Customer request. The domain name owner will have access to a domain management account, and will be able to transfer the domain name to another registrar.


      Chargebacks are not considered as a way of refunding. Any Customer who initiates a credit card chargeback in response to a bill or order placed with Barato Domains will be subject to full investigation.

      When signing up for a Dedicated server hosting account with Barato Domains, the Customer agrees to the terms and conditions explicated in this document (and its coherent policies). Thus, Barato Domains, as well as Barato Domains's authorized retailers (PayPal, WorldPay, 2CheckOut), will resort to these documents as an evidence for the Customer's agreement, especially in the event that a Customer sends a chargeback inquiry based on points that he/or she first accepted, but is trying now to refute.

      If/When a chargeback report is received, the first step of Barato Domains's Customer Care team will be to try to contact the Customer. Meanwhile, the Customer's Dedicated server account will be suspended (in order to protect our system from fraudulent activity and misuse) and will remain suspended until the reasons for the chargeback have been clarified and decision has been taken for according action.

      If the chargeback has occurred due to some misunderstanding, a reverse payment procedure will be initiated with the authorized retailers and eventually the Dedicated server account will be re-activated.

      If the Customer has sent a chargeback request based on groundless argumentations (according to Barato Domains's own judgment and these Dedicated Terms of Service), then a dispute will be started with the authorized retailers in which the Dedicated Terms of Service and the AUP of Barato Domains will serve as evidence of the Customer's agreement. The retailers then, taking into consideration all provisions in these legal documents, will decide whether the Customer has had sufficient grounds for the chargeback or Barato Domains has the right to a reverse payment.

      In case that the chargeback originates from a fraudulent user (end-client) and no reverse payment procedure can be activated, then the respective Dedicated server account will remain suspended and a $30 USD fee will be withdrawn from the commission of the reseller (the client of our Free Reseller Hosting Program) whose client's account (the end-client) has been the reason for the chargeback (in order to be covered the fees imposed to Barato Domains from our authorized retailers for the claimed unauthorized transaction).


    A collection of free hosting reseller tools : a free billing software (ClientExec) and a free domain reseller account is available with each Dedicated Server hosting package. All bonuses are given per customer's request.


    In consideration of their use of the Service, Customers agree to:

    1. Provide true, accurate, current and complete information about themselves as prompted by the registration form of the Service. Maintain and promptly update their registration data to keep it true, accurate, current and complete. If the Customer provides any information that is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, or Barato Domains has reasonable grounds (at its sole discretion) to suspect that such information is untrue, inaccurate, not current or incomplete, Barato Domains has the right to suspend or terminate the Customer's account and refuse any and all current or future use of the Service (or any portion thereof). If untrue details are used in order to avoid VAT the customer can be held responsible by the respective national tax collecting agency.
    2. When introducing any changes to their contact details, Customers are obliged to notify Barato Domains in the course of 10 business days after the changes become valid. The introduction of changes should be done online through the customers' Dedicated Management Account, not via e-mail.
    3. Customers will receive a password and account designation upon completing of the registration process of the Service. Customers are responsible for keeping the confidentiality of their passwords and accounts, and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under that password or account. Customers agree to:
      1. immediately notify Barato Domains about any unauthorized use of their password or account or any other breach of security;
      2. ensure that they safely exit (log out from) their account at the end of each session.
      Barato Domains cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage of account information arising from Customer's failure to comply with this provision.
    4. If a Dedicated server hosting account is registered with details different than those of the person who paid for the account, and in the case of any dispute, Barato Domains will take the side of the person who paid for the account and shall not provide access to any other person, since - a hosting account owner is and will be considered to be the credit card /PayPal account holder.
    5. The client is obliged not to delete Barato Domains's SSH key, which provides root access to the server. The root access will be used by Barato Domains in 2 cases only:
      1. When there is a problem with the server and, as a result, certain services do not run properly - Barato Domains may fix it as he sees fit.
      2. When there is a report from a third party concerning some sort of abuse, for example, spam, Barato Domains can identify the spammer and suspend him, of which case the client who is in charge of the server will be duly informed. The client, on the other hand, is obliged not to let problems of such kind happen again, whether or not involving that particular abuser. If there are repeated abuse reports - Barato Domains will charge the client $20 for each report, because the latter is obviously unwilling to assist in terminating the abuse actions on the given server.

    The client is also obliged not to terminate the SNMP service activated by Barato Domains to keep track of the used IPs on the server. Upon a termination of the SNMP service - Barato Domains will inform the client and the client will have to reactivate the service in 48 hours. If the client does not cooperate - Barato Domains can suspend the client's access to the server at his own discretion.



      Тhe Service Provider expressly bans the use of any Dedicated server hardware or software for trying to illegally access another hosted machine or network. Customers may not attempt to gain unauthorized access to any of Barato Domains's Services, other accounts, computer systems or networks connected to any of Barato Domains's Services, through hacking, password mining or other means of close nature. Customers may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available by Barato Domains's Services. For more detailed information regarding all prohibited uses of our server network, please closely review next chapter of these Terms and our AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). If you still have inquiries over the matter, feel free to contact any of our Customer Care representatives.


      Server content MUST comply with the parameters stated in this TOS and our Acceptable Use Policy. Web content requirements exclude the publication of illegal content or content considered inappropriate otherwise. If any of Barato Domains's Services are used for the illegal purpose of SPAM or UCE, they will be instantly terminated. Customers are solely responsible for the content of their messages. Using Barato Domains's Services in connection with surveys, contests, pyramid schemes, chain letters, junk e-mail, spamming or any duplicative or unsolicited messages (commercial or other) is prohibited. In this light, Barato Domains expressly forbids any breach of Federal, State or Local regulation, including, but not limited to, the transmission of: copyrighted material, material legally judged to be threatening or obscene, and material protected by trade secrets. Barato Domains's Dedicated servers CANNOT be used for the propagation, distribution, housing, processing, storing, or handling in any way of lewd, obscene, adult or pornographic material, or any other material which is considered impermissible by Barato Domains's Dedicated Terms of Service (this document) and the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).


      As a condition for Customer use of Barato Domains's Services, you - the Customer, agree that you will not use the Services for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms, conditions, and notices, and our Acceptable Use Policy (AUP). Barato Domains's Dedicated servers can be used explicitly and only for legal purposes, and each attempt for taking indecent advantage of the servers, inconsistent with the rules, will be immediately counteracted. Barato Domains reserves the right at any time to disclose any information, as Barato Domains deems necessary, to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post or to remove from the Services any information or materials, in whole or in part, in the sole discretion of Barato Domains.


    When buying a Dedicated server for the purpose of creating an e-commerce online store or related e-commerce activities website, the Customer agrees to be fully responsible for the development, operation and maintenance of his/her web site/ online store and e-commerce activities within that website. The Customer is the only one in charge of approving, processing and filling client orders and taking care of client requests or complaints. The Customer is also the only one in charge of the payment or satisfaction of any and all taxes related to his/her web site and online store. The Customer bears the responsibility for ensuring the security and confidentiality of any clients' data (including, without limitation, customer credit card numbers) that he/she may receive in connection with his/her web site or online store.

    Each Customer is in charge of all products and services, as well as all contents and materials appearing online, including:

    • the accuracy and relevance of Customer Content, and content and material showcased in the Customer store or on its products;
    • certainty that the Customer Content and content and materials appearing in the Customer store or on its products do not violate or infringe upon the rights of any person;
    • certainty that the Customer Content and the content and materials appearing in the Customer store or on its products are not calumnitous or somehow illegal.

    Each Customer guarantees to Barato Domains that he/she owns the right to use the Customer Content and its material, including all text, graphics, sound, music, video, programming, scripts and applets. Each Customer warrants to Barato Domains that the use, reproduction, propagation and transmission of the Customer Content and any information and materials contained inside do not, and will not:

    • infringe or abuse any copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or any other proprietary right of a third party;
    • break any criminal law or manifest false advertising, unfair competition, vilification, privacy intrusion; violate a right of publicity or violate any other law or regulation.

    Each Customer empowers Barato Domains to reproduce, copy, use and propagate all and any part of the Customer Content for ensuring and operating the Services. Barato Domains is granted the right to estimate, at its own discretion, the extent to which these operations may be carried out.


    Barato Domains reserves the right to determine the seriousness of each received report and decide, at their own discretion, which one does not comply with the officially stated requirements for the use of the company's servers.

    Barato Domains may refuse service to unlawful parties by deactivating a customer's account. In case Barato Domains decides to discontinue the provision of services to a Customer as per the contractual agreement, the Customer will be informed of this decision along with a detailed explanation of the underlying reasons.

    Barato Domains reserves the right at all times to disclose any information, as Barato Domains deems necessary, to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request, or to edit, refuse to post, or remove any information or materials, in whole or in part, which contradict with Barato Domains's Acceptable Use Policy.

    A full description of the steps Barato Domains takes to deal with prohibited/unwanted content can be found in the Acceptable Use Policy (5. Corrective Actions).


    1. NOTICES

      Notices, including notices concerning breach of this Agreement will be sent either to the e-mail address provided by the Customer at sign up, OR mailed by first class mail to the postal address that the Customer has on file with Barato Domains. In both cases, delivery shall be deemed to have been made five (5) days after the notice has been sent. Notices from the Customer to Barato Domains should be sent to the address provided on Barato Domains's website.


      Barato Domains guarantees highest level of Customer Care service round the clock. If you feel dissatisfied with any aspect of the Service, feel free to make use of our complaints procedure detailed below.

      In order to file a complaint, please send us an email to, specifying the nature of the problem you are experiencing. Please, provide as many details about your particular case as possible. The more we know about the situation, the better, prompt and adequate our resolution will be.

      Here are our steps of addressing every single complaint:

      • Barato Domains will confirm receipt of your complaint in writing, confirming that the complaint will be addressed without delay. Barato Domains reserves the right to refuse to investigate a complaint that is obviously frivolous, abusive or offensive.
      • A Service Provider's Customer Care representative will review your situation, look for an appropriate solution and inform you of the timeframe within which a response should be expected.
      • If Barato Domains's Customer Care representative can't resolve your complaint within the pre-announced period, your complaint will be escalated to a Customer Care manager.
      • If the Customer Care manager can't resolve your complaint, as well, it will be forwarded to the Company Director, who will investigate the case to ensure that all necessary measures have been taken and will respond in writing within two working days, and reply with a solution within five working days.
      • An alternative complaint method is submitting a fax to the following number: 510.868.6446

      Any way of indecent treatment towards a Service Provider's Customer Care employee will be considered as totally inappropriate and unacceptable. Each Customer is expected to communicate in an utterly polite and professional manner with Barato Domains's employees regarding any request for help or consultation via e-mail, chat, phone or through our Ticket Desk Support System. Each Customer is expected to avoid any form of emotional outburst or inappropriate language, or any other attempt to be undermined the importance of good ethics in communication and human relations. Any act of close nature, or other type of offensive, abusive, disrespectful or condescending behavior - oral, written, or delivered by a second party - to members of Barato Domains's Customer Care stuff will be interpreted as a breach of this TOS. Barato Domains reserves the right to assess at its sole discretion which behavior is to be considered as a violation of the hereby stated rule and agreement, and to undertake according actions.


      Technical Support

      Due to the specificity of the Service, Customers are fully in charge of the management and maintenance of their Dedicated servers. However, if they need assistance or want to leave this task to our highly-qualified administrators department, they can avail of our Fully Managed Support service available at a monthly fee of $30 USD. Additional software installation and troubleshooting, which are not included in the Managed Support Package will cost $60 USD.

      Pre-sale and general questions

      Customers may use any of the support options listed below:

      • E-mail us using our Contact Us form
      • Use our Live Chat
      • Open a trouble ticket from the Customer's Dedicated management account. 1-hour support response is guaranteed!
      • Phone or Fax us at:

        US TOLL FREE PHONE: +1-855-211-0932
        INTERNATIONAL PHONE: +1-727-546-HOST(4678)
        UK PHONE : +44-20-3695-1294
        AU PHONE : +61-2-8417-2372
        US FAX: +1-510-868-6446



      This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.


      Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or any breach of this Agreement, in excess of $250.00 USD will be settled in accordance with the commercial arbitration rules of the American Arbitration Association.


      Failure to enforce any of the provisions of this Agreement shall in no way be considered to be a waiver of these provisions, or to affect in any way the validity of this Agreement. If one or more of the provisions contained in this Agreement are found to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable in any respect, the validity, legality and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.


      The Customer agrees to indemnify Barato Domains, its management body and employees (each an "Indemnified Party") against any losses, claims, damages, liabilities, penalties, court actions, proceedings or judgments (collectively, "Losses") to which the Indemnified Party may become subject, and out of which Losses arise or relate to this Agreement or the Customer's use of the Services. The Customer agrees to reimburse the Indemnified Party for all legal and other expenses, including any attorney fees paid by the Indemnified Party in connection with investigating, defending or settling any Loss whether or not in connection with pending or threatened litigation in which the Indemnified Party is a party.


      Force Majeure Circumstances - Barato Domains shall not be liable for any failure in the provision of the Services to the Customer resulting, directly or indirectly, from any (i) weather conditions and natural disasters, (ii) actions of any governmental or military authority, (iii) failure caused by telecommunications or Internet provider, or (iv)other force or occurrence beyond its control.

      Damages & Losses - Barato Domains shall not be liable for (i) any indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, OR for any loss of profits or loss of revenues resulting from the use of Barato Domains's Services by the Customer or any third parties, or (ii) any loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries or service interruptions.

      Service Provision - Barato Domains provides the Services on an as-is basis, without any warranties, including but not limited to, implied warranties, merchantability, or fitness of the Services for any particular purpose. The Customer shall be solely responsible for the selection, use and suitability of the Services, and Barato Domains shall have no liability therefore.


      Customers do not have the right to assign this Agreement without the explicit permission of Barato Domains. This Agreement shall be in force and effect to the total benefit of the Customer and Barato Domains and their successors and permitted assigns.


      Barato Domains reserves the right to revise this document at any time, without prior notice. Customers are encouraged therefore to periodically review these Dedicated Terms of Service and the Acceptable Use Policy.


      Please report any violations of these Terms of Service, the Acceptable Use Policy, and the Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy to