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Linux KVM Virtual Private Server hosting packages from Barato Domains with SSD storage, complete root access and dedicated CPU virtualization. Experience an automated server backup. Zero server installation fees. Lightning–fast 24x7 technical support.

OpenVZ Virtuozzo Containers

1 CPU Cores
20 GB Disc Space
1 TB Monthly Traffic
1 IP Addresses
$8.99 /Month
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1 CPU Cores
40 GB Disc Space
2 TB Monthly Traffic
1 IP Addresses
$14.99 /Month
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2 CPU Cores
80 GB Disc Space
4 TB Monthly Traffic
1 IP Addresses
$26.99 /Month
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4 CPU Cores
160 GB Disc Space
5 TB Monthly Traffic
1 IP Addresses
$50.99 /Month
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KVM 16
6 CPU Cores
320 GB Disc Space
6 TB Monthly Traffic
1 IP Addresses
$96 /Month
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KVM 32
8 CPU Cores
490 GB Disc Space
7 TB Monthly Traffic
1 IP Addresses
$192 /Month
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SSD Hosting Options
SSD–powered VPS Hosting Options

Much faster virtual servers with SSD storage

Having an SSD–based website hosting server could be an enormous benefit as far as web site improvement is addressed. A site or a web app held on an SSD will stream and operate much more quickly than a webpage or an app located on a regular HDD. This is why, all our Linux KVM VPS hosting packages are equipped with solid–state drives.

An OS of your liking

Select the Operating System that fits you best

With a KVM-based VPS, you will be fully independent of the main server OS-wise. The KVM virtualization method makes it possible for virtual machines to interact directly with the physical machine's hardware components, without needing to pass through an extra virtualization layer. This way, with the correct ISO disk image, you can set up any Operating System that is supported by your server.

Operating System Choices
Advanced Virtualization
A leading-edge server virtualization method

A kernel-based virtual machine virtualization

The central benefit of the KVM virtualization platform is that it is integrated straight into the physical host server's OS, eliminating the need for any additional virtualization layers. This means that there's no necessity for an extra software program that sits between the host server and the virtual servers that have been configured. The aforementioned also rules out the virtualization layer as a latent single point of failure (SPOF). All this results in faster and a lot more stable KVM-based virtual servers in comparison to other virtual servers.

A drastically better system resource usage

System resources for your own use only

By excluding the need for a supplementary virtualization layer through which the whole communication with the main server is conducted, KVM-driven VPSs can benefit from a pronouncedly improved server resource usage. With KVM, the virtualization instructions are interposed straight into the kernel of the host OS, meaning that all KVM-driven VPSs can communicate directly with the physical machine's central processing unit (CPU). Virtio disk and network drivers, on the other hand, cut out any needles emulation on the host. This trimmed communication redundancy leads to a pronouncedly faster real-world performance in comparison with other virtualization infrastructures.

Better Resource Utilization
Full Root Access
Total Root/Administrator Access to Your VPS

Manage every portion of your web server

We supply you with full root access to your Linux KVM VPS hosting package (with cPanel), to ensure you can get complete control over your web server. You can easily re–setup the currently–installed Operating System or re–configure the Apache server. In addition, you can mount any new software package that you wish. In case you need help dealing with your web server, you should try our Installation & Troubleshooting package any time.

A Choice of Linux OS's

Tell us what is your favorite Linux release

You have the option to make a choice from a number of Linux OS's for your Linux KVM VPS hosting package – CentOS, Debian or Ubuntu.

Operating System Choices
Free Dedicated IP Address
A Free Dedicated IP

One dedicated IP gratis with every VPS

With each Linux KVM VPS hosting package, you’ll get hold of a dedicated IP address absolutely free.

Specifications of Your VPS

Be in complete control over your virtual hosting server system

Each one of our Linux KVM VPS hosting packages has been built with all the vital functions that you require in order to regulate your multi–media loaded web presence. You'll be provided with a selection of Linux distributions, a great deal of memory space allocations and a range of absolutely free software instruments, for instance a dedicated IP and also a domains supplier account. Hence, regardless of whether you would like to host one particular resource–hungry web page or a smaller web app hosting server, or you like to in fact start your very own reseller web hosting enterprise, you will have everything that you need at your beck and call.

Control your VPS Features
No Setup Fee
No Set up Charges

No hidden fees. No additional payments.

By rule, the Linux KVM VPS hosting packages are far more solid than the standard website hosting accounts and are for this reason more pricey. In order to lower the price of a Linux KVM VPS hosting package, we have done our utmost to cut down the setup expenses and we won't bill you any VPS configuration fees. Furthermore, we will not request virtually any extra costs after your VPS starts performing. The selling price that you can see on our website is the final fee that you will pay for each month.

A 99.9% Network Uptime

We use the most current network components

We have been working diligently in alliance with the staff at our data centers for us to build a trustworthy and safeguarded inside network. We have collaborated with leading hardware makers to ensure an absolutely healthy system. That's why, we can now positively ensure a 99.9% online availability for all Linux KVM VPS hosting packages. This guarantee is valid for all the Data Center Facilities that we work with.

99.9% Network Uptime
Web Server Backup
Web Server Backup

We can easily restore your fundamental data in any case

We know how embarrassing it is to lose the information of your website by accident. That is why we provide you with a content backup service with each individual Linux KVM VPS hosting package. Our well–experienced system admins will back up every little thing on the web hosting sever – from your web site's data and databases to your Apache settings and PHP setups.

Installation & Trouble–Shooting

Our system administrators are all set to support you with all software package setups

If you ever have to add a special software app for your webpage or if you find a truly difficult problem with your webpage that you really do not know how you can fix, our skilled program professionals will help you out. With the Assembly and Problem–solving service, you can easily arrange the services of our system administrators to carry out the difficult work for you.

Installation - Trouble–Shooting