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Shamless Bragging

Let us take a moment and tell you about us.

Barato Domains was founded with one goal, and that is to provide the internet world with reliable low-cost domain registrations.

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It was not our intent to spread ourselves too thinly by trying to sell you the world. That's why we originally did not offer web hosting, email hosting, servers and such. Instead, we concentrated our efforts on one thing. Domains.

However, thanks to some exciting events unfolding, our services have increased and we are pleased to welcome you to the improved Barato Domains!

Barato Domains is a subsidiary of Tierra Hosting LLC. We were founded in November of 2020 as an independent domain registration provider and we were approached by Tierra Hosting with the intent to merge our endeavors.

In late 2020, the buy out was completed and overnight Barato Domains was able to offer a larger inventory of domain extensions, and now web hosting services, to our existing and future friends (clients).

Looking forward, we see nothing but continued growth but know that we will always remember where we came from and will everyday try to remind you that you matter to us!

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